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Nostalgic for the 50s (and 60s too!)

Fun stories, pictures, facts, puzzles, games, etc. all about the 1950s and 60s, delivered to your email box each month.


Last Message: Nostalgic for the 50s (and 60s too!) Message

Nostalgic for the 50s (and 60s too!) Message The Online Magazine Celebrating the Glorious 1950s and 60s Presenting... /*My Favorite "Best of Times" Videos!*/ April 2016, Volume 1, Issue 4 /*Spread the Word - Please Forward This to a F...


Tarrytown School

Linking together people who are interested in finding and sharing information about Macfadden's school in Tarrytown, NY

Last Message: Tarrytown School Message

Hello Tarrytown Alums! I just received the following e-mail message today from Pearl Shapiro Karon. If you remember Pearl or would like to respond to her e-mail, please contact her at sn5@mic.c Best, Jim Bennett MESSAGE: I was a student at the school ...


The Macfadden Monthly

Jim's Bennett's FREE monthly newsletter brings you more historical photos and more detailed biographical information about the amazing life of Bernarr Macfadden. Together with thought-provoking reprints from his writings, there are also timely reports on recent discoveries and how they validate many of Macfadden's teachings. The contents include information about Macfadden's life and work, including the subjects of nutrition, exercise, weight control, aging, bodybuilding, and natural treatments. There are also interviews, humor, and recipes.

Last Message: The Macfadden Monthly October, 2009

Macfadden Monthly 10-2009 October, 2009 CONTENTSCosmotarianism "To all who are weary-worn and suffering from the ills of the flesh and spirit; who have prayed and failed; who have tried the conventional way of healing and restoration, come and find...



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