Editor  “Physical Culture”   and   “Woman’s Physical Development.”


Classical Poses
(Assisted in his first two lectures by one of his superbly formed lady pupils.)
Sunday Evening, June 2, at 8:15

   FIRST LECTURE: “The Murderous Science of Medi- cine”    Kills more human beings than war, pestilence, and famine.    Wastes vital strength and hastens death. Few die of old age.       Scientific medicine does not give them a chance. A rational, simple cure for every disease. How all may keep well continuously. 

A lecture of startling interest, containing startling truths. If you attend and use your brains afterwards, your entire life will be revolutionized.

Monday Matinee, June 3, at 3 o’clock
“Health is Beauty; Ugliness is Sin.”
(For women, no gentlemen admitted.)

   “Powers and Beauties of Superb Womanhood.”    How health, the foundation of perfect womanhood is lost.   How it may be regained and developed to the highest degree of perfection. 
     Exercises showing how serious weaknesses may be remedied by simple means.    How to perfect the bust.  How the complexion may be beautified.    How to remedy all physical defects by special movements. 
     Facts that should be of the most intense interest to every woman will be stated and illustrated so plainly that anyone can go home and take immediate advantage of every suggestion made without further expense. 
     One of Mr. Macfadden’s most superbly formed lady pupils will pose in a special costume and assist him in the illustration of exercises advised in this lecture.

Monday Evening, June 3, at 8:15
    THIRD LECTURE: “The Powers of Complete Man- hood.” (For men only.) How they are lost. How restored and developed to their highest degree of perfection.   Life of no value without manly strength.   Weakness is a crime. Man has no right to be weak. Strength and manly beauty and power within the reach of all.

Admission, 25 Cents, Reserved Seats, 50 Cents.