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The Nutritional Discovery of the Century!
Reliable, pure MSM is not easy to find. There is a lot of bad quality, inferior MSM on the market. Use only good quality, superior 99.9% pure MSM. This site presents info about the MSM Miracle.
There is documented evidence that MSM has helped people with a multitude of health problems including: allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, alzheimers, arthritis, bladder infection, candida, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, diverticulosis, emphysema, headaches, hypoglycemia, muscle soreness, back pain, PMS, scar tissue, ulcers, insect bites, water retention, and many other "incurable" illnesses.

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MSM is present as a basic component in all living cells. It is in rain water, but is almost completely missing from most of our food, because processing, preparing (even washing and handling) destroys the MSM. There are absolutely no adverse reactions to MSM. No one is allergic to it, because MSM is necessary for life! Pure MSM can only be good for you.

WARNING! Since this product is beginning to attract considerable public attention (recently featured on the Maury Povich Show and endorsed by James Coburn), there is already a lot of bootleg MSM on the market (especially if you're looking for a source on the internet). Even health food stores are not reliable sources. Some MSM is inferior quality; much of it has been "cut" with other ingredients. It could even be dangerous! If you are considering adding MSM to your diet, it is important to know that you are getting the highest quality, pure MSM.

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Life Plus (best source for MSM on or off-line)

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