To Build a Presence on the Web

What's your personal interest? Do you like to fish, hunt, cook, collect things, draw or paint? Are there movies or books that you particularly like? Do you like to write? Are you interested in history? Travel? Sports?

Whatever your personal interest happens to be, there are other people in the world who share your interest. Connecting with people who share your interest is an effective way to help promote your business on the Internet. Simply create a website about your interest and link it to your business site. This is an excellent way to reach people that you would not reach through other means. To see an example, CLICK HERE.

An excellent way to build a "presence" on the web, is to create a web site all about your interest or hobby. Then make sure you put links from the pages of your personal interest site to your business site. Then submit your site(s) to the search engines. Also, join a web ring that is related to your personal interest. Free sites make it really easy!

Tips For Designing Your Web Pages

1. You want the page to load within 20 seconds. So limit the graphics, music files, etc. that will slow down the loading.

2. Be careful that you don't have any broken links on your page.

3. Look at other pages for ideas.

4. Keep the content of the pages simple, neat, and easy to read.

There are plenty of places on the Internet that offer free web space. The easiest place to build a site is at Angelfire.

How to create a site at Angelfire:

1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Register” and fill out the form.

3. When you fill in the “choose URL” part, select a name which has a key word in it that people might search for. For example, “oilpainting” or “motorcycles.”

4. Select a password.

5. If someone else already has chosen your URL, you must make another choice. Also enter your password again.

6. You can use their page builder or upload pages you have created with an HTML editor such as Netscape Composer or MS Frontpage.

7. Now submit your page to the search engines. Remember your URL will have 5 sections separated by slashes - something like

How to create a site at Tripod:

1. Go to

2. Click sign up.

3. Fill out form and click agree. Remember your username.

4. Unless you want a ton of spam, delete all the sign up for info/newsletters.

5. Click submit. You will then receive your password by e-mail.

6. Go to

7. Click login

8. Use your username and password.

9. Click on change password to change it to something you can remember.

10. Go to “Build - Edit/Update” (file manager). Build a page or upload a page.

11. Make certain you write down your URL correctly. Advertise.

More places to get free web sites:

There are other places to get free sites, but these seem to be the most reliable at the present time.

Note: These sites are free and this means that the website providers may at their discretion place ads/banners/pop-up windows on your site. There is also no guarantee of reliability. It is not uncommon to have a free site erased. Always keep a backup copy of your site.

For a Reliable Site - (not free but not expensive either) a 15 mb website which has no ads on it plus a complete educational package on how to build and promote a website as well as a website builder -  all for just $110 for the entire year - no hosting fees, etc.-  take a look at

Tip: If you have multiple sites, keep a record book of your sites and when you submitted them to the search engines.

Click here for info on effective search engine submission.

When you have several sites, you may wish to experiment with a couple of the page designs to see if you can get a higher listing with the search engines.

Of course, you want to place links on these pages to your business site.

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